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  • 960H WD1 Analog Video Resolution

    960H refers to a new class of advanced imaging sensors that provide the highest levels of image quality available for the PAL and NTSC standards. These sensors serve as the bridge between standard resolution and high definition solutions. 960H is the highest resolution available for analog CCTV and provides a 30% increase in resolution in […]

  • Understanding Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

    What is Dynamic Range? Dynamic range is the ratio of the maximum signal output of the sensor to the smallest signal output of the sensor. Or, in other words, dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest portion (maximum output) of the image to the darkest portion (smallest output) of the image. Most standard CCD […]

  • CCTV Camera D1 Resolution

    Our customers often ask us about CCTV resolution (the recording quality from CCTV cameras). Naturally a customer wants to know how clear the video resolution will be from a system before making a purchase decision. CTV resolution is measured in vertical and horizontal pixel dimensions and typically limited by the capabilities of both the camera […]

  • License Plate Recognition Cameras

    License plate recognition is a surveillance system used primarily by law enforcement to capture the license plate information of moving cars. It does this through optical character recognition of plates using cameras that generally are designed especially for this purpose, though existing close circuit cameras are sometimes used. A common situation involving license plate cameras […]

  • What Are Benefits of Surveillance Cameras?

    Surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the marketplace has encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have elevated levels of security monitoring, management and enforcement and helped thwart the activities […]